Sunday School – Grade 1

Praying Together

GRADE 1: The Holy Trinity

This book focuses on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The text begins by describing who we are as members of the Maronite Church.

Once the students understand the concept of Church as family, they are introduced to Jesus. They learn how Maronites prepare for the birth of Jesus and how Mary, the mother of Jesus, is our mother, too.

First graders next explore the Divine Father of Jesus and learn that God made everything in the world. The students will explore ways they can show others what God the Father is like.

Next, the children look at what Jesus taught. The students will see how Jesus calls us to forgive those who hurt us.

The last unit focuses on the Holy Spirit as our friend. Students will discover how the Holy Spirit raised Jesus form the dead and then came upon the apostles on Pentecost. Woven throughout the year are stories of Maronite saints and holy ones, notably St. Maron and St. Ephrem.

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