Sunday School – Grade 2

Children’s religious program

GRADE 2: Meeting Jesus in the Holy Mysteries

In this grade, the text introduces children to the seven Holy Mysteries and how they can find Jesus in each one. The students will discover they can also meet Jesus through personal prayer, the Bible, and Maronite Church celebrations throughout the year.

The second unit focuses specifically on welcoming the Lord through the seasons of the Glorious Birth of Our Lord and Epiphany.

From there, the focus shifts to the Season of Great Lent and the Holy Mystery of Pentecost. Students will define sin as disobeying the Ten Commandments. They will learn about God’s great mercy and forgiveness. They will also explore the steps in the Holy Mystery of Penance.

Next, the students learn about the Holy Mystery of Eucharist. They are introduced to the Divine Service of the Holy Mysteries.

Second graders will learn how the Holy Mysteries help us follow Jesus. They will learn how Maronites celebrate Jesus’ unselfish love, especially on Lazarus Saturday and the days of the Passion Week.

In the last unit, students will learn more about our Maronite prayers and traditions. The children will discover why Mary holds a special place in the Maronite Church and see that the Holy Spirit is always with us to help us meet Jesus in the Holy Mysteries.

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