Sunday School – Grade 3

Learning to Pray

GRADE 3: Our Church Family

The Church is the focus of Grade 3. They will see that faith grows when we are rooted in Jesus. They will also learn what it means to say the Church is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
As the text continues, students will learn about the four characteristics of the Church, one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.
The third unit focuses on church organization. The text summarizes the duties of eparchs, priests, deacons, and other Church leaders. The students learn about the role of monasticism in the Maronite Church.
Next, the students will see that faithful Church members are part of the Communion of Saints. The third graders will explore different ways Maronites remember the faithful departed and the feasts of Mary throughout the Maronite Church year. Students will then explore the Church Year in more detail.
Finally, the students will review the seven Holy Mysteries and see the Church itself as a Holy Mystery. Students will end the year by considering ways they can use their own talents to serve others each day.
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