Sunday School – Grade 4

Sebechleby – Typical catholic image of Jesus Christ heart

GRADE 4: Following Jesus

Throughout the fourth grade, students study about Christian morality. Specifically, they will study about right and wrong and the gift of conscience.

Next, the fourth graders will learn that the Maronite Way involves Christian morality. Students will learn about the Ten Commandments as the basis for living as good Maronites.
In the third unit, students focus on the meaning of the first three commandments – the duty to love God. In addition, the students will learn how prayer can help them grow in friendship with God and lead moral lives.

In the fourth unit, students focus on the challenge of family love, as found in the fourth, sixth, and ninth commandments. They will learn that the fifth commandment calls us to treat all people with respect. They will also study the seventh and tenth commandments in terms of the call to be stewards of earthly goods. Finally, students will explore what the eighth commandment means, using modern day examples.

From this basis, students will learn that love of neighbor includes the love of strangers and enemies.

In the last unit, students will explore what it means to live in God’s kingdom. They will discover that trust in God is the basis for Christian morality.
The text includes stories of Maronite saints and holy ones who can serve as role models of Christian morality. Included among these role models are St. Maron, St. Simon the Stylite, St. James (disciple of Maron), and St. Gregory the Wonderworker.

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