Sunday School – Grade 5


GRADE 5: The Church’s Liturgy

This year focuses on the Church’s liturgy. The students will learn that liturgy is a form of communication in which we worship God and grow in holiness.

Unit III focuses on the experience of Christian initiation. Students will learn how people become members of the Maronite Church. Next, the students will study the symbols and meaning of the second Mystery of Initiation, Chrismation.

The students will next explore the parts of the Divine Service of the Holy Mysteries. Students will learn to value frequent participation in the Divine Service as a way to increase their union with God and other Church members.

Unit V deals specifically with the Holy Mysteries of Healing and New Life. The students will explore the elements of confession, contrition and satisfaction found in the Holy Mystery of Penance. Next, students will connect the healing ministry of Jesus with the Holy Mystery of Anointing of the Sick. They will also see how the Order of Christian Funerals celebrates our belief in the resurrection of Jesus and our own resurrection after death.

In the last unit, the students focus on the Holy Mysteries of Service. The text describes the special roles given to deacons, priests and eparchs in the Church through the Mystery of Holy Orders. Students will next discover how the Mystery of Crowning affects not only the husband and wife, but also family members.

Throughout the year, the students are again presented with specific saints and holy people who can be role models to them.

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