Sunday School – Grade 7

Bible and cross on desk

GRADE 7: The Creed

This year focuses on what we believe as Maronites. The students will discover why faith is important to human happiness and explore what Maronites believe about Trinity.

Unit II focuses on faith in joyful times, when times are good. The students will explore the meaning of Baptism and Chrismation and see how these Mysteries strengthen us to live as Maronites.
Unit III focuses on faith in times of struggle. The text helps students explore the importance of discipline and perseverance in a life of virtue.
The next unit focuses on faith in glorious times. Students will explore the Resurrection of Jesus as the central truth of our faith. They will learn what Maronites believe happens after death.

Next, the students will see that they are called to have life-long faith. Students will discover how some people are called to live out their baptismal commitment through religious vows. They will then examine the role of the laity in today’s Church. Finally, the students will explore their call to daily faith. In the last chapter, students will examine the need for constant prayer in Maronite life. As with previous years, the text provides saints and holy ones as role models of faith.

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