Sunday School – High School

The Church Altar

Book One: Culture, Liturgy, History

Adolescents are in the process of developing into adults. Although it is easy to “go along with the crowd,” in terms of values and identity, it is not always advisable. In this section, the students are invited to actively consider the forces shaping their personalities: the cultural values of the United States, the values of their ethnic culture and sub-cultures around them, and the stories and symbols shaping their lives.

Students’ main connection to their faith is Liturgy. The role of catechesis is to help the students understand and relate to the liturgical rites. In the Liturgy Section the Divine Liturgy and the Mysteries are explained. The students’ experience of the liturgy should be heightened from considering it through the images and stories used in these lessons.

The History Section presents an overview of Maronite history from the year 40 C.E. to the present. The lessons describe the factors involved in the shaping of Lebanon – the permanent home of the Maronites, Lebanon’s role in the world, and the experience of Maronites in the United States.

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Book Two: Religion, Theology, Non-Christian Religions

In order to prepare for the Theology section, the section on Religion asks the students to consider the broader issues of a definition of religion, the value of religious symbols, the distinction between the secular and the sacred, and the role of religion in America. In an attempt to diminish any interest in religious cults, the final lesson describes cults in general, and using three of these, contrasts their beliefs with Catholicism.
The Theology Section presents the 10 major themes of Maronite Christian Theology, beginning with “Incarnation,” as that belief influences all others. Narratives from the New Testament are included in almost every lesson, connecting theology with scripture. In reading